Plaza Auto Leasing Miami Concierge Delivery Service

Concierge Delivery ServiceWe know you’re busy. And, we know that shopping for a new car, filling out the paperwork and all that other stuff can be a time-consuming experience. Plaza Auto Leasing Miami has streamlined that process and made getting a new car easy and fast!

We pride ourselves in our stellar customer service and in order to enhance the buying experience even more, we have developed a unique service for our customers – our Concierge Delivery Service. How does it work? You come in, order your car and go back to work or your home. As soon as your car is ready, we will deliver it directly to your home or business. No need to take time out of your busy day and arrange for someone to bring you to our dealership to pick up your car.

Yes, only three easy steps and you have your new vehicle.
1. Pick out your car
2. Fill out an application
3. We handle the rest and deliver your car!

No need to go anywhere else to lease or purchase your new vehicle.

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