Plaza Auto Leasing Miami is unique and unlike any other automobile leasing company!

a better leasing companyFlexibility…Choices…Service…Great Prices!

Why Are We Better Leasing Company?

Plaza Auto Leasing Miami is a both a better Leasing Company and a Dealership…all in one. And that means you get the best of both worlds.

Plaza Auto Leasing Miami offers the flexibility of delivering any make or model vehicle, combined with the quick service and large on-site inventory of a dealership!

And our uniqueness doesn’t stop there. You won’t be meeting with a finance manager. Our sales representatives will handle most of the transaction — from your credit application to insurance. They’ll do all this without your ever having to step foot into an office and sit for great lengths of time while the finance manager crunches numbers. Refreshing, isn’t it! All you have to do is place your order and come in to pick up your car! It’s that simple.

Low monthly lease rates and your choice of Any Make or Model of car.


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